Let’s be Imperfect

Do you know what the Japanese do? They take a piece ofĀ pottery, sometimes the more precious ones, and they break it into pieces. I mean who does that? They donā€™t even stop there. They then put back the pieces of the pottery but it is never the same as it was when it was perfect. It is even more beautiful. This is a Japanese art called Kintsukuroi meaning ā€œto repair with goldā€. Thatā€™s what makes it more beautiful. The cracks are joined together with powdered gold or silver. In its imperfection, itā€™s more beautiful than it could have ever been when it was perfect.

The pot is just like humans. we were once perfect with no worries or road blocks in our lives. We would rather just go through our life-span like that, still perfect, maybe deteriorate a little here and there. But most times, if not every time, life has different plans for us. On our journey through life, sticks and stones are thrown on our path. Just when you manage to duck those, thereā€™d probably be a raging storm and the worst part of it all is you will have to face these obstacles on your own. At this point, you have been cracked and broken. You cannot go back to being perfect. Sure you can give up but what is the point of being cracked, broken and useless? nobody uses a broken pot my dear friend. There is an upside to the obstacles you face though. For every one you scale, you become a better person. There is always something you learn from these trials of life perhaps perseverance, patience, courage etc. These qualities add up with time, they fill up your cracks and make you a better person than you ever were.


You, my dear friend, are a human version of kintsukuroi. You will become more beautiful than you ever were before the cracks.


Akinro Akinwale